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How Good Design Can Boost Your Business as a Blogger

Is a good design beneficial to your blog? Many underplay the importance of good design. They wrongly perceive that blogging is more about content and less of design. But the truth is far from that. Good design is equally as important as the content. It’s no wonder that many have the highest quality content you could ever find, yet they continue to lag behind in traffic. Here’s how good design can boost your business as a blogger.

1. You Create a Great First Impression

You have less than six seconds to attract attention. If your site looks boring from the word go, you lose users or potential customers as soon as they find you. Put in mind that there are millions of blogs on the internet. It is, therefore, convenient for users to close a badly designed site and find another rather than try to strain their eyes through your content.

You may lack the highest quality content, but the right design will on the first glimpse, create a good first impression (which is all that matters at times). A good design like something cool is visually stimulating. Aspects of a good design include the personality of your site, how much effort has been put, and how modern it appears. Users should be able to discern the name and the purpose of your site at the first glimpse.

A good design will significantly reduce the bounce rate and increase conversion. Some usable blogs are easily forgotten not because they are not useful, but because their sites were not designed with user experience in mind. Having the right design will ensure your blog does not fall under the forgotten lot.

2. Easy to Remember Your Services

The design is not solely important when the user is on the site but when they are offline. What impression does your blog leave? What makes your blog site unique from the rest? Your blog will easily be forgotten, however useful it may be, if not strikingly designed. If a visitor reads on your blog about a service today, what will make them remember you next time they’re looking for that particular service?

A good design helps to create remembrance through aspects such as logos, themes, colors, interactivity, cyclic displays, and many other elements.

3. Improves Responsiveness

The importance of a responsive design cannot be underestimated. Not when almost every internet user is accessing the internet via a mobile device. A responsive blog shows in all types of devices whether mobile phones or extra large computer screens. A responsive design will automatically adjust to the resolution of the device it’s opened with.

If your blog doesn’t give the users a good viewing experience, they won’t come back again. Nothing loses your credibility more than when a potential customer tries to open your blog on medium sized devices and lot of things look broken. The same applies when a link takes forever to open.

Regarding the need for speed, Google found out that, by delaying the search results by just 400 milliseconds, there was a significant decline in the number of searches. However, by removing unimportant functionalities that slow the speed, a good design will help to increase the speed of your blog page.

4. You Achieve Your Goals

Every blog has got a goal and a purpose. A good design takes into account the purpose of your blog and works toward achieving it. Readers won’t read everything on your page; a good design gives prominence to your desired goals. By using minimization, you can draw attention to one or two crucial elements such as the sales leads, advert clicks, and RSS readers.

5. Increases User Experience

Good design has the power to convert strangers to loyal customers. It increases usability and makes the user experience more enjoyable. By having nonobstructive, innovative, aesthetically appealing, and logically ordered website, you increase your perceived value and customers are more likely to return.

Recent research by Google shows that 78% of the users want to find what they are looking for in a click or two. 64% of the users want to scroll only up and down. If your users have to zoom, scroll up and down, right and left to find what they are looking for, then they are more likely to go back to the search engine and find a friendlier site.

How Web Design Can Help Other Marketing Strategies

Efficient advertising technique consists of several applications, which are joined together. For instance, online marketing applications like search engine optimization, link building, website design and social media. All of these channels can bring people to your website that why you should use all of them in order to create an efficient advertising plan.

In this post, you’ll discover exactly how website design is advantageous to create an effective advertising plan that will attract prospects and potential customers. If it’s truly useful you might run into designs, and numerous kinds of web marketing on the web. A powerful Online marketing technique contains long term methods and short term. And we’re generally seeing long term methods including search engine optimization, link construction and website design

We’re familiar with search engine optimization and link construction and just how it may assist several business proprietors to put on a powerful effort. We’ll concentrate today on the website layout that is the initial stage among these methods.

Website design is an on-line method utilized to achieve good encounters since it creates your designs watchable and understandable by everyone.

A great site is really the most critical element in one’s productive company. It has been decided that its look and a powerful web site layout perform the crucial part within the common consensus of services and goods being offered from the site operator or business. A surprising development in your prospects and your demand a quotation will be a really active point the moment the clients have experienced excellent routing and info to the website you can view as a business operator. It has been observed also that the low quality of website design frequently results in the disappointment of lots of small size businesses. So you better employ an excellent web developer or at the very least a web design business that will assist you through the whole procedure you don’t need to obtain high rebound rate for the site.

What exactly are the crucial factors you need to bear in mind about the aid of web design?

1. Aids in getting potential customers – we all understand that the great website design draws in potential prospects. That is actually appropriate to a bunch Web advertising businesses; because the prospective client may believe that you’re capable to produce their wants.

2. Growing your prospects and customer list provides you really best motives to have increased income. You should use only the best techniques while creating website online forms. They should be clear and to the point.

3. Website design is effective for productively introducing your brand – your brand is trusted on the top of the search-engines when they could observe you. What this means is that most are searching for you and that several want to have your support.


As an online marketer, you should understand that to be successful you need to bring out only best practises in your business industry. Which means that you have to sort out for what you need to attain, you have to comprehend the most effective processes as well as the latest technologies to utilize.

Internet Marketing Strategies that Improve Your Business

Running your own company is a dream come true, but to make it effective it demands the burning of the night oil. It is necessary that you control the strength of your way that is come by the latest internet marketing strategies, to attain a further market penetration. But, it’s the most lucrative opportunity that is offered by the Internet Marketing to get in touch with a bigger international market in the most time and cost effective way. The potential traffic can be driven by an effective online marketing for your site, creating better conversions, and improving brand knowledge.

Best Ideas for Online Marketing:

After all, every company aspires to produce optimum earnings, as well as in the most affordable means. Learn to start your company with your useful on-line advertising methods set up.

1. Begin with an attractive and effective Website Design and Development method: This is among the most significant elements of electronic advertising, although frequently disregarded by the entrepreneurs. To get in touch with a bigger international market via the electronic press, it’s first crucial to create an attractive and fascinating site that attracts the curiosity of the customers and offers the greatest user experience. Website design and development play a crucial part here, helping entrepreneurs produce a website that’s not just attractive and fascinating, but creates a buying choice.

2. Get found by the main search engines like google with powerful Search Engine Optimisation approaches: What’s utilization of an attractive site that doesn’t get a position within the major search engines! Unless a site is rated and listed high in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), opportunity are stingy that it’ll generate steady internet traffic. Because nearly 93% of the internet customers now use important search-engines to discover what, where, and how you can purchase that is. Therefore, enhance your site with organic search engine optimization techniques and be seen for a higher position within the search-engines.

3. Gain from Social Media: Viral marketing is one of the more effective internet marketing instruments today, driving large internet visitors and better conversions. Post fascinating and important movies on well-known video search websites, with your hyperlink attached, the potential consumers are redirected by which to your site. It enhances the brand recognition and understanding, producing improved leads.

4. Use E-mail marketing strategies: In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, it’s about providing exceptional products and providers, and linking with your customers. E-mail notifications are a wonderful means of remaining in contact with your audience, educating them about a new item or support release, special reductions, or other significant news. Provide your visitors a chance to consider and determine over your brand or company.

5. Indulge Your Clients: Value is demanded by visitors of your website, and the ultimate way to keep them engaged is to consistently post something interesting on the websites, for example significant news and informative articles. Frequently publishing in forums can also be a highly effective means of joining and advertisements with your customers, marketing brand identification and reputation.

Web localization

4 reasons to localize your website

  1. Position your business in a competitive edge in today‘s global market.
  2. Increase your market size.
  3. Build credibility as a global player.
  4. Communicate effectively with customers, partners and employees in international markets.

What is content localization?

Content localization is not merely translation, but the adaptation of a website to locale cultural, linguistic and business requirements.

Our localization services include content translation, graphic engineering, cultural adaption and web/desktop publishing. We use native speaking translators and we provide high value by focusing on quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

Web maintenance

Why is web maintenance important?

Developing a nice and functional website is important, but in order to be effective it must have updated and reliable information. Website maintenance, however, can be time-consuming, complex and costly and requires significant resources for small businesses, assuming they have the technical skills to do it.

Web designers don’t always have the time to follow-up with their clients and take care of changes after the site is launched.

Proactively maintaining your website makes sense!

We can not only take care of the web design and development of your website but also maintain most aspects of your website with very little input from you. Whether your site requires occasional update or changes on a regular basis, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service at very competitive prices. Our web maintenance services include: Content Updating, Picture Changes, Addition/removal of web pages.

How much does it cost?

We don’t provide general cost information for our services, as we take the time to consider individual requirements before discussing prices. We can tell you, however, that our prices are based on the time and resources required, and can be contracted on an hourly basis or a monthly basis. Want to do the updating in-house? We also provide you with solutions for easy maintenance of your website – you don’t even need to know any coding or programming.


Minimalism – That which is created with a minimum of means

Minimalism is a style of the twentieth-century that has provoked a lot of controversy. It is based on the notion of reduction, the paring down to a minimum of the materials that an artist will use in a given work. Minimal artists who emerged in the late 1960’s engaged in the practice of stripping away to search for an essence.

Visual Arts

The term Minimalism originated in the Visual Arts. M inimalist artist stressed geometry, clarity, precision, and non relational organization of parts. Emphasis was on the real, the material, the here-and-now. It applies to sculptural works by such artists as Richard Serra, Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, and to paintings by Frank Stella and Agnes Martin among others.


Minimalist music developed with a strong infusion of American popular culture – the harmonic simplicity, steady pulse and rhythmic drive found in jazz and rock-and-roll. Minimalism has also influences of Western classical music: Gregorian chant, medieval organum, the repetitive rhythms of Baroque music.

Although their musical idiom has evolved beyond the austerity of minimalism, some of the most important innovators are La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Terry Riley and John Adams.

More about Minimalism in Learning Theories, Constructivism and Program Code, Architecture, Literature.

Web development

Easy to Use, Fast downloading websites

We believe that people looking at your website want fast and accurate information and not visual entertainment. To allow this access to information and a nice web design experience we rely on web standards (technologies established by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C) and minimalism.

This sounds very nice but, what does it mean?

Benefits to your Customers

  • Fast downloading time.
  • Well defined structure.
  • Ease of navigation, focus on usability.
  • Clean user interfaces that help to communicate in a direct and powerful way.

Benefits to you

  • Separation of content and presentation: your website will be a lot easier and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Enhanced accessibility and long-term viability.
  • Better browser compatibility and consistency.

What is Minimalism?

Less is Better. Contrary to the belief that the more visual and copy elements you provide the better, we believe and promote a minimalist approach in web design. Minimalism originated in the 60’s in the visual arts, and its influence can be found in architecture and music.  More…