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Web localization

4 reasons to localize your website

  1. Position your business in a competitive edge in today‘s global market.
  2. Increase your market size.
  3. Build credibility as a global player.
  4. Communicate effectively with customers, partners and employees in international markets.

What is content localization?

Content localization is not merely translation, but the adaptation of a website to locale cultural, linguistic and business requirements.

Our localization services include content translation, graphic engineering, cultural adaption and web/desktop publishing. We use native speaking translators and we provide high value by focusing on quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

Web maintenance

Why is web maintenance important?

Developing a nice and functional website is important, but in order to be effective it must have updated and reliable information. Website maintenance, however, can be time-consuming, complex and costly and requires significant resources for small businesses, assuming they have the technical skills to do it.

Web designers don’t always have the time to follow-up with their clients and take care of changes after the site is launched.

Proactively maintaining your website makes sense!

We can not only take care of the web design and development of your website but also maintain most aspects of your website with very little input from you. Whether your site requires occasional update or changes on a regular basis, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service at very competitive prices. Our web maintenance services include: Content Updating, Picture Changes, Addition/removal of web pages.

How much does it cost?

We don’t provide general cost information for our services, as we take the time to consider individual requirements before discussing prices. We can tell you, however, that our prices are based on the time and resources required, and can be contracted on an hourly basis or a monthly basis. Want to do the updating in-house? We also provide you with solutions for easy maintenance of your website – you don’t even need to know any coding or programming.

Web development

Easy to Use, Fast downloading websites

We believe that people looking at your website want fast and accurate information and not visual entertainment. To allow this access to information and a nice web design experience we rely on web standards (technologies established by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C) and minimalism.

This sounds very nice but, what does it mean?

Benefits to your Customers

  • Fast downloading time.
  • Well defined structure.
  • Ease of navigation, focus on usability.
  • Clean user interfaces that help to communicate in a direct and powerful way.

Benefits to you

  • Separation of content and presentation: your website will be a lot easier and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Enhanced accessibility and long-term viability.
  • Better browser compatibility and consistency.

What is Minimalism?

Less is Better. Contrary to the belief that the more visual and copy elements you provide the better, we believe and promote a minimalist approach in web design. Minimalism originated in the 60’s in the visual arts, and its influence can be found in architecture and music.  More…